Making a Turn Based Game

making a turn based game using the TurnBasedAdapter (Client) and TurnBasedGame (Server)


Game setup

methods you need to impliment

public GameSetup newGameDialog(Frame parent, String options,String myname)

Makes the dialog box for seytting up a new game

public ImageIcon getIcon(String options)

Gets the image to be displayed next to the game in the list of games on the client (can return null)


these are the ingame methods, (after a game is closed, it can be reused)

public void startNewGame(String name) {

When a new game is created, name is the name of the new game, this method should reuse any GUI components it may have created when it was called last

public void closegame() {

This is called when the player clicks leave game on the ingame options panel.
It should hide any open windows that are part of the game
There may be other ways that a game can be closed such as clicking on the x of a window,
they need to call this method too, and then make sure the game is closed
When everything has been closed this method NEEDS to call

to indicate everything has been closed

public void gameString(String message) {

when the server sends a String to the client

public void gameObject(Object object) {

when the server sends a Object to the client

public void blockInput() {

This method is called when the player times out on there go or they have resigned, it needs to black the player from being able to make there normal turn in the game

public void resignPlayer() {

This is called when a player has resigned, this method does not have to do anything

public void renamePlayer(String oldname,String newname) {

When a player has logged in or logged out they need to be renamed in the game


list of methods called on the server

public void createNewGame(String startGameOptions, String[] playersArray) {
public void startGame() {
public void stopGame() {

this NEEDS to call gameFinished(winning player)

public void destroyGame() {
public void playerResigns(String username) {
public void doBasicGo(String username) {
public void clientHasJoined(String username) {
public void stringFromPlayer(String username, String message) {
public void renamePlayer(String oldser,String newuser) {